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Visualize a Mediterranean escape that you would never have to leave, a blissful getaway that can become a lifestyle, a home.

Jefaira is stretched over 5.5 million square meters that overlook the enigmatic shores of the Mediterranean on the Egyptian North Coast.

Every unit within Jefaira will have access to the Aeolian salty sea breeze driving between the wide causeways leading to the promenade and marina where eyes will meet the endless deep azure of 3.6 km of enchanting Mediterranean coast.

Days in Jefaira can be spent walking placidly along its shores, or invested in a myriad of water activities, Residences in Jefaira are Inspired by the Mediterranean island’s architecture, that aim tomerge visual aesthetics with their natural surroundings. winding promenades will lace between cool and natural coloured units and their clean design will provide the privacy that all residents crave.

living in the Elysian escapade permanently is a reality in Jefaira, as the premises provides educational services and medical clinics, community enrichment facilities, and business facilities such as convetion centers, all rival living in the stress and tension of the city.

the word Jefaira refers to the name given to the actual area “الجفيرة” where the project is located. it originates from the arabic “Jafr” which means an open fresh water well that refers to the pure and pristine Mediterranean waters.


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10% Down Payment

Installments up to 7  years.

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